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Can I substitute Skin Balance Waters for my current topical skin care regimen?
Yes. BORBA Skin Balance Waters can be used with any skincare regimen and will significantly enhance skin’s improvement.

May I put Skin Balance Water in other food forms?
Yes! BORBA Skin Balance Water is great blended into other drinks such as smoothies and cocktails—even a BORBA Martini!

What if I am allergic to select ingredients?
As with any product, one can be allergic to an ingredient. Please review the ingredients on each product label for specific ingredient information.

Can I drink this with medication?
As with any nutraceutical, please consult your physician prior to use. Your physician would be best to address your concerns in reference to medication.

If I stop using BORBA Skin Balance Waters or Aqua-less Crystalline packets will my positive results maintain?
As with any functional food nutraceutical, if you stop using the product, the benefits will diminish and revert back to its original state over time. It is important to continue using the product daily for optimum results.

Why do I find a bit of residue on the bottom of the bottle?
BORBA Skin Balance Waters are full of essential vitamins, minerals and botanical ingredients that do wonders for your skin, but may leave a slight residue on the bottom of the bottle. Not to worry. Just shake, sip and enjoy!

Why is the Skin Balance Water not clear?
The cloudy appearance of the waters are caused by the specialized active ingredients – especially Vitamin E.

Is it better to drink Skin Balance Water or Aqua-less Crystalline with food?
It is your preference. Nutritional values are not impacted, nor should it upset your stomach.

Can I drink Skin Balance Water instead of taking supplements?
Every person is different when it comes to the amount of vitamins that are absorbed into the body. Many of our customers do take vitamin supplements, and others chose not to. If you have any questions about this, please check the product label for daily nutritional values or with your physician.

What is the best temperature to drink Skin Balance Water?
We recommend drinking Skin Balance Water chilled to experience the best flavor, but room temperature is perfectly fine too.

How much is too much BORBA Water?
The water products are formulated with a number of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients at levels that are known to be safe. Our recommended usage is up to two waters per day. However, if you have any concerns about this amount, or more, we suggest you consult with your physician.

What if I only drink one Skin Balance Water a day, will I still see results?
Many of our customers drink only one water per day and see great results.

Can children use Skin Balance Waters?
The water products are formulated with a number of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients at levels that are known to be safe. However, we typically ask parents of children under 13 to contact their Pediatrician with any product questions.

How many gummy bears or jelly beans should I take per day?
We suggest that an appropriate usage per day is at least 6 to obtain minimal vitamin levels. We also suggest that since they do contain sugar, consumers should be mindful of the calories. It is quite easy to crave an entire bag.

Does BORBA Test on animals?

Can I drink several different kinds of BORBA waters each day to target multiple skin concerns?
Many of our customers drink several different waters per day and see great results. We suggest that you drink no more than 2 per day.

Can I drink BORBA water if I'm pregnant or nursing?
We are not permitted to give any individual medical advice, but we can tell you that the products do contain Vitamin A which some physicians may not approve during pregnancy. We always suggest that our consumers should consult their physician if taking any medication, are pregnant or nursing.

Do you provide samples?
Yes, please see our sample page for available products.

Where is the nearest retail store that carries your products?
For your convenience, please see our retailer page.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. Please be mindful of the freight charges.

Do you guarantee results?
No. However, we have a 30 day no questions asked return policy on If, for any reason, you were not happy with any product purchased on our site, and you return the unused product within 30 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund (not including shipping).

Do the BORBA waters contain caffeine?
There is a marginal amount of caffeine in all of our waters except for Clarifying.

What are the ingredients in each product, and what are the Nutritional levels in your internal products?
Each product on our website provides you with the ingredients and, if applicable, the nutrition panels.

Do you have a toll free number?
Yes. Our toll free number is (866) 525-0156.

Can I distribute your products?
This inquiry must be directed to the

Can I get a discount for bulk or repeated purchases?
We are currently working on a number of promotions for our valued customers. Please periodically check our home page to see what is currently pending.

Why are some of the colors of the same kind of water different?
We have recently made some color changes to the waters as a result of consumer feedback. There is no need for concern. All of the ingredients are same.

What are the BORBA waters sweetened with?
They are sweetened with Splenda.

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