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When You Should Say, "I Don't," Before a Wedding

Strapless wedding gowns and backless bridesmaidsí dresses are driving brides to insist on tanning as part of wedding preparation. But friends shouldn't make friends tan.

Skin cancer caused by tanning is on the rise. The American Academy of Dermatology expects more than 1.3 million cases this year.

Brides who think they need a "base" tan to look stunning at the wedding should think twice before going into a tanning booth, advise the skin experts at Borba...

Skin Care Fact  

Pomegranates, the key ingredient in our Clarifying skin care products, were one of the first fruits cultivated in the world. When studied, it turns out that Pomegranates contain polyphenols, potent anti-oxidants that deliver 3 times the anti-oxidant effect of red wine or green tea.

The positive effect that Pomegranates have on troubled, congested, inflamed or "breakout" prone skin has been well documented...

"Bravo! This is the best that my skin has looked in a year. I have been to two dermatologists and have been given many prescriptions that have not worked. Thanks for creating this product!"
- Terry M.
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